TV show “Armenian Master” is already on the air

The program will be broadcast every Friday at 19:00 on “Armenia-TV” channel.

On October 7, “Armenia-TV” channel hosted the premiere episode of the TV show within the contest “Armenian Master” project. Sewers Anna Avetisyan and Margarita Sargsyan demonstrated their skills in it, presenting women’s costumes to the public. As a result of SMS voting by TV-viewers, Anna Avetisyan, a professional with more than 15 years of experience, became the winner.

The TV show “Armenian Master” will consist of 12 programs, each of which will present one of the competitive directions. Representatives of the following professions participate in the competition: auto mechanic, baker, bricklayer, carpet weaver, cook, furniture maker, jeweler, musical instrument maker, sewer, shoemaker, welder, winemaker. 12 competitive directions were preliminarily determined by online voting.

In each episode of the TV show “Armenian Master” two masters representing one of the directions will compete. During the program, the winner will be determined by SMS voting, who will be awarded a prize of AMD 3 million and the title of “Armenian Master”.

The TV show of the “Armenian Master” project will be aired on the “Armenia-TV” channel every Friday at 19:00. In addition, a special issue dedicated to the craftsmen from Artsakh will be released in December.

The TV show of the “Armenian Master” project will end with a gala final episode, where 24 finalists will compete. And only one of them will be awarded the main prize – AMD 5 million.

The “Armenian Master” project is being implemented in Armenia for the first time. This contest aims to popularise the status of vocational professions and reviving respect for the working man in the mind of the public.

The “Armenian Master” contest was initiated by “For Life” Foundation and social entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan. The partner of the competition is “Armenia-TV” company. The organizer is the Tourism and Urbanism Charitable Foundation (TUF).