The Mobile working group is already looking for masters

On June 1 the “Armenian Master” contest embarked on visits to the regions in search of talented masters in Armenia. Our branded car, as we call it, the varpetomobile, has already been to 6 regions, visiting masters in more than 10 towns and villages across Armenia, helping the masters with the registration on our website and participation in the contest. There are three directions the mobile group works on:

  • Registration of masters, who have contacted the organizers beforehand, seeking the latter’s support in registration
  • Search for talented masters in communities
  • Informing the population in the communities about the contest encouraging everyone to participate.

Coordinators of the mobile group are always ready to support with everything related to the contest all the way from registration to shooting a video message.

Six regions have already been covered, and we are looking forward to visiting other regions to meet more talented people there.

If you are into crafts, too, or you have talented and skilled masters among your acquaintances, tell us more about them! Jot down a few words to our email at [email protected], or reach us out at 077 733 551. We will readily support everyone to participate in the project, and, who knows, maybe you become the one to get the title Armenian Master.

Help up find the talented people living in our country, and together we will make Armenia a country of Masters!