The first season of the contest “Armenian Master” has ended

We are pleased to inform you that the first season of the “Armenian Master” project is coming to a successful conclusion.


A lot of work has been done since the launch of the contest on April 26 in Gyumri until today. In the first season of the contest we received more than 1,200 applications from masters from 194 locations in Armenia and Artsakh. This year’s 12 competitive fields include the following working professions: auto mechanic, winemaker, carpet weaver, sewer, jeweler, welder, cook, furniture maker, shoemaker, baker, musical instrument maker and bricklayer.


The selection was carried out by a professional Selection Committee, together with 12 consultants for each vocational profession. As a result, 24 finalists were selected in August to take part in the TV program “Armenian Master” on the “Armenia-TV” channel.


The TV program launched on October 7. All the programs can be watched on the YouTube channel of “Armenia-TV”.


The 12 winners of the contest were awarded the title of “Armenian Master” and a monetary reward of 3 mln drams each. On the website and social networks of the project you can find information about the winners and all the stages of the contest:


On December 28th SPECIAL EDITION ABOUT THE MASTERS OF ARTSAKH was held. The special edition was recorded at the end of November in Stepanakert to pay tribute to the Artsakh varpets, who need support so much today. Despite all the difficulties that are currently happening in Artsakh, we decided to broadcast the program, and in this way we supported people of Artsakh, because very soon we will continue the development of the project in Artsakh.


On December 30th we held the FINAL OF THE PROJECT, where were decided the People’s Choice Award. The nationwide voting for the title and the a monetary reward of AMD 5 million took place.


Next year we will work on the launch of the second season of the “Armenian Master” project, which concept is in the process of work. And within the framework of the project, additional activities are being implemented and continue to be implemented, stimulating the popularization of working professions in Armenia and Artsakh, in particular:

    Masters from Armenia and Artsakh will be able to place information about themselves and their works on the website of the project. And people from Armenia and Artsakh will have the great opportunity to find the nearest master to their location, and apply directly for the service.
    The event will create a large platform where masters can meet with potential clients, students, partners and exchange experiences with each other.
    The game is designed to show the importance of vocational professions in our lives. During the game, participants will learn interesting facts about the masters and their professions. It is planned to organize game tournaments in 2023.
    Work with masters in the regions, cooperation with colleges in Armenia and Artsakh, etc.


The “Armenian Master” contest is being implemented in Armenia for the first time. The project was initiated by “For Life” Foundation and social entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan. The official partner of the contest is the TV company “Armenia-TV”. The operator is the Tourism and Urbanism Charitable Foundation (TUF).

Best wishes,

“Armenian Master” project team