Raffi Megeryan: Nothing will change without real masters

Raffi Megeryan, the founder of “Megeryan Carpet” company, highly appreciates the role of masters in public life. For example, the master himself passes on the biggest secret of carpet weaving, once and for all teaching how to tie a knot correctly. According to Megeryan, in the last decade, young people have expressed a great desire to learn the secrets of the past, to absorb the knowledge of masters accumulated over the years. Raffi Megeryan also urges all masters to take part in the ‘’Armenian Master’’ contest in order to identify true experts and create a Country of masters through joint efforts.

The deadline for applications for the “Armenian Master” contest is June 30. If you consider yourself a master in any of the 12 categories of the competition, be sure to fill out the application in the “Become a participant” section of the website.