Mobile Working Team is summarizing the results of its activities

About 1,000 masters have been found out in over 150 communities of Armenia and Artsakh.

Beginning June 1, 2022 the Mobile Working Team has visited over 100 towns and villages in Armenia and Artsakh in search of talented masters in the 12 categories of the Contest. As a result, hundreds of automechanics, winemakers, cooks, bakers, sewers, carpet weavers, shoemakers, as well as welders, jewelers, furniture makers, bricklayers and musical instrument makers have been registered on the site and nominated for the Contest.

It should be noted that the residents of communities recognized the logo of Mobile Working Team and welcomed the organizers of the contest.

The coordinators of the Mobile Working Team have been assisting Armenian masters on many issues, including getting registered on the site and making personal videos.

Only a few days are left till the completion of the Contest: if you consider yourself a skillful master in one of the 12 categories of the Contest, please fill in the form on the website’s section “Become a participant”.

If we succeed in finding all masters of our homeland, we will be able to turn Armenia into a Country of Masters.