“Masters Clock” was erected in one of the parks of Yerevan

On 21 June in a Yerevan city park named after Diana Abgar “Masters Clock” was officially erected. It will count down the time left for Armenia to officially select its best masters. For the submission of applications for the “Armenian Master” contest 10 days are remaining.

Famous Armenian masters, organizers of the project, reporters from partner “Armenia” TV, as well as habitants of Yerevan participated in the opening ceremony of the “Masters Clock”. The dial of the two-meter wooden clock depicts the everyday tools of the masters in the 12 directions of the contest, including working tools such as scissors, hummer, saw, work bench, rolling pin, etc. Car mechanic, winemaker, carpet maker, tailor, jeweler, welder, cook, furniture maker, shoemaker, baker, musical instrument maker, mason – these are the 12 directions, where the best presenting professionals will be announced as “Armenian Masters”.

The “Masters Clock” will remain on the territory of the park for around 2 months, until the results of the contest are finalized. It will also serve as information dissemination tool, in order to inform larger groups of the public, as the clock bears the website link for the contest – www.varpetarmenia.am.

“Armenian Master” contest, organized by the Tourism and Urbanism charity foundation (TUF), pursues one goal – restore respect for and the reputation of workers.

The deadline for application submission for the “Armenian Master” contest is 30 June. Masters above the age of 23 from Armenia and Artsakh may be nominated for the contest via the www.varpetarmenia.am website or by calling +374 77 733 551.

After finalizing the applications, the professional selection commission will shortlist two best candidates in each of the 12 directions, who will move to the second phase of the contest. During the subsequent two months 24 masters from Armenia and Artsakh will continue with the contest.

The second phase will be held in TV show format on “Armenia” TV. The winners of the contest will receive “Armenian Master” awards, monetary award of 3 million AMD, as well as will receive support from the partners of the contest.

“Armenian Master” contest is initiated by the founder of the Tourism and Urbanism charity foundation (TUF), social entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan and “Aprel” foundation. Organizer of the contest is the Tourism and Urbanism charity foundation (TUF), partner of the contest is “Armenia” TV.