Art object “Time for Working Professions” was installed on Varpetats Street in Gyumri

On August 4, the art object “Time for Working Professions” was transferred from Yerevan to Gyumri and installed on Varpetats Street of the city. The choice of location is not accidental: the start of the “Armenian Master” competition was announced in April from Gyumri itself, and Varpetats Street is one of the most famous and racy corners of the city.

Art object “Time for Working Professions” was created by graphic designer Yana Zakharova and sculptor, artist Nairi Grigoryan. The clock has unusual hands: in particular, time is measured here with scissors, a hammer, a saw, a workbench, and a rolling pin. The finalists of the “Armenian Master” contest will demonstrate their skills and talent through these instruments.

The art object “Time for Working Professions” was installed on June 21 in the park named after Diana Abgar in Yerevan. The wooden clock is counting the time of the “Armenian Master” contest. The two meters high art object also serves as an information carrier to present the details of the competition.

Masters over 23 years old, living in Armenia and Artsakh, take part in the “Armenian Master” contest in 12 professions, which were determined by the results of online voting.

More than 1,200 applications were received for participation in the competition from masters representing all the regions of Armenia and Artsakh.

The professional selection committee will select two best candidates from each of 12 fields by the end of August, and the 24 masters will take part in the second round of the competition, which will be held on Armenia TV channel in the format of a TV show.

The winners of the competition will be awarded the title of “Armenian Master”, monetary prize (3 million Armenian drams) and will receive support from the partners of the competition.

The goal of the “Armenian Master” contest is to preserve and popularize vocational professions, revive respect and increase the prestige of the working man in the mind of public, as well as to create an opportunity for masters to pass on their experience and skills to generations.
The “Armenian Master” contest was initiated by social entrepreneur and public figure Ruben Vardanyan and the “To Live” Foundation. The partner of the competition is the Armenia TV channel, and the organizer is the Tourism and Urbanism Charitable Foundation (TUF).